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November14, 2008, Bushrod Island, Liberia

I made an interesting discovery while touring the Bromley property.  They have resources right now that could bring them instant revenue.  They have a plethora of palm trees, the fruit of which is falling to the ground and rotting when it could be harvested with a minimal expense.  In fact, it was harvested and sold until the wars closed the school.  They only need to clear the area, purchase some equipment and obtain the manpower. From the palm nut almost no part of it is wasted and the palm oil that is made can be sold on the market for profit to help cover the scholarship and operating deficits. For roughly $5000, the whole project would be up and running and funded through the time it would take to generate a profit. 

Though it is far from solving all of Bromley’s needs, it is a start, and if they never start how can they arrive? I read something once that has become my motto: If not now, then when?  If not you, then who?

This is such an exciting prospect to me because it is exactly the type of activity that could set them back on the road to self-sufficiency.

I also obtained an estimate from an agricultural expert for the planting of a garden and learned that this is the prime time to plant as it is just after the rainy season.  The students would help maintain it and learn a skill in the process.  They could have gardens for each grade and take pride in their produce and participation in the school’s survival and their own educations. For under $1500, Bromley could have a garden, the tools to maintain it and, most importantly, food for the girls!

While finding the funds before I leave in one week seems impossible, I know that God showed me all of this for a reason, so I will put my nose to the grindstone and keep the faith. 

God IS great after all!!

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