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When I return from Liberia, I am asked, "How was your trip?" or, "Is it great to be back?" or, from those who have been, "Have you re-acclimated yet?"


My new response is a silent nodding.  I feel almost paralyzed to respond.  I wish I had a crystal ball into my experience that could be transferred to all my caring friends asking this question, but instead, I am empty-handed.  I want to share everything, but words float just beyond my reach as insufficient bridges.


My heart is heavy and light simultaneously. The children of Africa have miraculous powers over me, challenging me in every way to rise above self, to move in the direction of love...to always walk towards this place of reconciliation and of light.


How could I have been given this gift?  Look into my eyes...can you see now? Look into their eyes.  This is the crystal ball.


At every difficult crossroad, a tiny hand will find mine, a chance meeting, magic words drift to my ears...


There is no question of my return, only my means.  The magnetized spirits of these girls are pulling from across the Atlantic. 


I have discovered that to "be" in our despair, in our brokenness, leads us to transporting possibilities, when we keep our arms wide open.


I had the great privileged of teaching creative writing to the students, which is ironic now that I am rendered mute.  Words are necessary, yes, but for now, I will carry their words, "you are my air...you are our mother...trusted friend...thank you for remembering...you will come back, right?...please, do not forget me...I love you..."


And by carrying their words, they carry me, to the place where we all are one, to the next surprise, to the place where love changes everything.

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